Community Growth via Experiential Marketing and Memorable Swag

The WordCamp US event in San Diego was a major opportunity for the StellarWP brand to make an impact on the WordPress community. As such, we knew we had to go above and beyond to stand out and make a memorable impression.

The Process. How We did it.

Nailing Engagement: The Strategy Behind StellarWP's WordCamp Success

We kicked off by deeply understanding the WordPress community and StellarWP's past efforts, then brainstormed our way to the unforgettable magic 8-ball and candle concept.

Guided by real-time analytics and iterative testing, we launched the activation at WordCamp US, racking up more brand mentions than any other company and paving the way for four major new partnerships.

A look at our portfolio

Photos from the event

From solopreneurs to growing businesses, see the digital magic we’ve conjured.

The Results

Strategic Interventions That Yielded Tangible Results

Our brand activation at WordCamp US skyrocketed StellarWP to the top of the buzz meter, led to four major new partnerships, and sparked a 12% revenue boost.

Most Mentioned Brand at WordCamp US

StellarWP clinched the top spot for brand mentions, surpassing even Automattic and Google.

Four New Major Partnerships Forged

The activation wasn't just eye-catching; it was effective. The buzz led to four major new partnerships, expanding StellarWP's influence and reach.

12% Revenue Surge in the Weeks Following the Event

The WordCamp buzz was more than ephemeral chatter—it drove a substantial 12% increase in revenue in the weeks following the event.

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