From Humble Beginnings to a 50,000 Strong Parenting Hub

From a nascent idea to Long Beach’s epicenter for parental bonding and resources, LB Littles has become an indispensable asset for local families, proving that community growth happens one connection at a time.

The Process. How We did it.

The LB Littles Blueprint: Connection, Collaboration, Community

Amidst the urban sprawl of Long Beach, a challenge lay ahead: How do you create a centralized, trusted space for families to connect, collaborate, and care?

A look at our portfolio

Photos from the LB Littles Community

The Results

Strategies that Transformed Vision into Reality.

LB Littles, over time, has transformed from just a community to an integral part of Long Beach’s parental landscape. With a member base of over 50,000, it has fostered a myriad of connections, shaped countless stories, and continually provided unparalleled value, standing testament to the dedication and passion poured into every facet of its journey.

Community Resonance

A formidable jump from a small group to an expansive 50,000-member network.

Newsletter Popularity

With 10,000 subscribers, the LB Littles newsletter is now a go-to source for family-focused updates and events.

Stellar Satisfaction

Proudly boasting an NPS score in the 90s, showcasing the community's trust, satisfaction, and the value delivered through LB Littles.

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