Nurturing Yelp's Early Community in Los Angeles

From its nascent stage to becoming the heart of local LA reviews, I drove Yelp’s growth and reputation, strengthening community bonds and forging business alliances.

The Process. How We did it.

Crafting a Trusted Local Review Ecosystem from Scratch

In a sprawling metropolis teeming with voices, how do we make Yelp the trusted hub for genuine local reviews, while fostering a community spirit?

A look at our portfolio

Photos from Yelp LA and OC Community Growth

The Results

The Enduring Essence of Yelp LA

My tenure with Yelp wasn’t just about growth metrics—it was about creating enduring relationships, shaping a brand’s essence in a city, and making every Yelper’s experience in LA more informed, more connected, and simply better. The results I achieved, paired with my skillset in partnerships, leadership, and community management, are a testament to the power of genuine engagement and innovative strategy.

Community Surge

Propelled the LA Yelp community from its infancy to an impressive base of over 1 million members.

Brand Advocacy

Established effective ambassador programs and the revered Yelp Elite, amplifying brand loyalty and reach.

Newsletter Triumph

Grew the subscriber list to over 1M, establishing a significant touchpoint with engaged Yelpers.

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