Conversion Rate Optimization for Popular WordPress Theme & Plugin

Turning KadenceWP’s conversion rate from “meh” to “wow,” we streamlined customer experience and amplified trust, propelling email marketing revenue by 10x and tripling the conversion rate.

The Process. How We did it.

Solving the Conversion Conundrum: A Case Study in Optimization

Turning free users and more website visitors into paying customers was a big headache for KadenceWP. We rolled up our sleeves and fixed it, supercharging their sales in the process.

The Results

Strategic Interventions That Yielded Tangible Results

We ditched the fluff and focused on what matters, turning casual browsers into loyal customers—and racking up record revenues along the way.


Elevated Revenue Through Targeted Campaigns

We refined the customer email journey and executed automated campaigns, resulting in a 10x increase in email-generated revenue.

Strategic Funnel Design Increases Engagement

By designing a funnel focused on customer trust and consent, we achieved a tripling of the overall conversion rate.

30% Uptick in Page-Specific Conversions

Our restructuring of the pricing page led to a clearer value proposition, resulting in a 30% rise in conversions from that page alone.

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