Funnel Optimization Uplifts WordPress Plugin Sales

While The Events Calendar was no slouch in the WordPress plugin space, we saw a bounty of conversion opportunities just waiting to be seized.

Could we elevate these rates enough to not just increase sales, but to also make the company an irresistible acquisition target for a major hosting company?

The Process. How We did it.

The Challenge: Unlocking More Sales from Freemium Users

Understanding the customer journey was paramount. We divided users into categories and leveraged email automation to guide them toward a purchase. Through a meticulous audit, we pinpointed friction points within the website and the product. After targeted adjustments, we reran our tests and measured the impact.

The Results

When CRO Becomes a Growth Engine

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) mastery not only supercharged The Events Calendar’s monthly sales by 20%, but also captivated Liquid Web enough to acquire the company. It’s a tour de force in how strategic marketing can carve out roads to growth and ultimate success.

Bolstered Sales by 20% Each Month

We refined the customer email journey and executed automated campaigns, resulting in a 10x increase in email-generated revenue.

Paved the Way for an Acquisition by Liquid Web

The surge in conversions and sales played a vital role in attracting Liquid Web, culminating in a successful acquisition of The Events Calendar.

Transformed the User Experience, Not Just the Metrics

Our efforts went beyond mere numbers. We enhanced the customer experience by smoothing out the customer journey, leading to higher user satisfaction and more conversions.

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