An Internal Zine with a Blend of Nostalgia, Achievement & Celebration

The newly unveiled StellarWP brand required a fresh avenue to strengthen its internal identity and celebrate personal and professional milestones in an inclusive manner.

The Process. How We did it.

A Retro-themed Zine: Binding Brand and Beats Together

Crafting memorable narratives that echoed with StellarWP's dynamic spirit.

A look at our portfolio

Zine Photos

See the StellarWP internal staff zine in action digitally here.

The Results

Strategic Interventions That Yielded Tangible Results

Our brand activation at WordCamp US skyrocketed StellarWP to the top of the buzz meter, led to four major new partnerships, and sparked a 12% revenue boost.

Overwhelming Engagement

Emerged as the most shared content piece internally.

Strengthened Brand Loyalty

Became an instrumental tool in solidifying brand affinity among StellarWP’s staff.

Inclusive Collaboration

A creation process that brought together varied teams, fostering a harmonized sense of ownership.

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