Growing early community at yelp

Yelp Los Angeles community

As a Yelp Community Manager in Los Angeles during the early days of the platform, I played a key role in helping Yelp establish itself as a leading source for local business reviews. I was known as the "mayor of Yelp" and was responsible for building and maintaining relationships with local businesses and community members.

Built and Maintained Strong Relationships with Local Businesses and Community Members

I worked closely with local events, concerts, festivals, and other organizations to develop and implement creative, mutually beneficial marketing partnerships that helped to promote Yelp and drive user engagement.

In addition to my marketing skills, I was also known for my ability to throw memorable events. Whether it was a bacon-themed party or a chic cocktail soiree, I had a knack for bringing people together and creating a fun, engaging atmosphere. I also enjoyed working with the Yelp Elite team to plan and execute events for the most active and influential members of the Yelp community.

Managed and grew a community from early stages to 1m+

I successfully grew a community from its early stages to over 1 million members through careful planning, creative marketing strategies, and a strong focus on building relationships with community members and local businesses. I utilized a range of tools and resources to engage with the community and drive growth, including social media, email marketing, and in-person events.

Collaborated with local businesses and national brands to drive user engagement and promote Yelp

I successfully collaborated with local businesses and national brands to drive user engagement and promote Yelp through the development and execution of creative marketing partnerships. These partnerships included co-branded events, social media campaigns, and targeted promotions that helped to raise awareness of Yelp and attract new users to the platform. I worked closely with businesses to understand their goals and needs, and tailored my approaches to ensure that the partnerships were mutually beneficial and successful.

Built ambassador programs

I developed and implemented successful ambassador programs at Yelp and Yelp Elite by recruiting and training a team of highly engaged community members to represent the brand and promote it to their networks. I utilized a range of marketing tactics and incentives to drive participation and engagement in the programs, including social media campaigns, contests, and exclusive events. These efforts helped to build brand awareness and loyalty among the Yelp community.

Grew the newsletter subscriber list to over 1M+ Engaged Yelpers.

I was able to grow the newsletter subscriber list to over 1 million engaged Yelp users through a combination of targeted email marketing campaigns, engaging content, and strategic partnerships with local businesses. I closely monitored newsletter metrics and used data-driven insights to optimize my tactics and improve performance over time. By consistently delivering value to subscribers and building strong relationships with them, I was able to drive significant growth in the newsletter program.

Successfully Developed and Implemented Creative Marketing Partnerships to Promote Yelp

I wrote the Weekly Yelp newsletter, which kept community members up-to-date on the latest happenings in their city. I worked to make the newsletter informative, entertaining, and relevant to readers, and used data and feedback to continually optimize its performance. In addition, I helped business owners take full advantage of all of the free tools and resources available on, which helped them to grow their businesses and succeed on the platform.

Overall, I am proud of the results that I achieved as a Yelp Community Manager and believe that my skills in strategic partnerships, organizational leadership, project management, marketing strategy, event planning, and community management are valuable assets to any organization.

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