Music and Arts festival for families


From ideation, to sponsorship sales, to marketing and event production, I executed Littlepalooza beginning to end. What started as a half-baked idea became a full-blown festival with the help of our awesome community who helped execute this vision we pursued with passion.

Littlepalooza was designed to be a one-of-a-kind experience for kids and families. Its lineup included everything from indie rock bands to hip hop groups. There were workshops and hands-on activities for kids, as well as art installations that families could explore together.

Littlepalooza, the family music and arts festival described as a “Coachella for Kids,” was a resounding success. With 15 musical acts, tons of artists, and aerial performances, there was no shortage of entertainment for the 2,000 attendees.

The Family Music and Arts Festival That Delivered an Unforgettable Experience for 2,000 Attendees

The interactive art exhibits and drum circle added to the festive atmosphere, and the Selena cover band and children’s rock bands had everyone dancing. The family-friendly rappers and appearances by influencers like Perez Hilton only added to the excitement.

The event was planned by Hazel Quimpo of The Clever, who designed the entire festival from start to finish. From securing permits through managing security to coordinating with vendors and artists, The Clever and LB Littles worked hard to ensure that every detail was taken care of so that attendees could focus on having fun with their families.

Press Coverage

Appeared on several influencer YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram pages including SoCalMoms and Perez Hilton. I've always been a bit of a media maven.

It's not easy to get press coverage—it takes skill, dedication, and persistence. But with my background in PR and media outreach, I was able to craft messaging and pitch emails that highlighted the unique elements of the event and its appeal to various media outlets.

I also leveraged my relationships with journalists and media professionals to get the word out about Littlepalooza. Through these efforts, I was able to secure coverage in high-profile publications and secure valuable exposure for the event.

Major Sponsorships

Raised six-fixures in sponsorship dollars in addition to a truly impressive number of in-kind promotions from companies ranging from Hyundai, The Port of Long Beach, and dozens of local businesses.

Outstanding NPS

Our event consistently scored in the 90s for NPS, which is a testament to the success and satisfaction of the event.

An NPS score measures customer loyalty and satisfaction, with scores above 50 considered excellent.

A score in the 90s is truly impressive and demonstrates that our event was not only successful, but also well-loved by attendees.

Marketing and planning

We're a small business, so we don't have the budget to make huge marketing splashes. But that's what we love about our work—we get to be creative and figure out how to spread the word about our company without breaking the bank.

A grassroots marketing effort and only $800 in paid ad spend resulted in a sold out event with 2,000 people, only limited by the size of the venue.

Littlepalooza: The Family Music and Arts Festival That All of long beach is Talking About

In addition to the top-notch entertainment, Littlepalooza was supported by major sponsors including Hyundai and Memorial Hospital, as well as dozens of local businesses. This helped to create a well-rounded experience that offered something for everyone, and it’s no wonder that the event was such a hit.

Overall, Littlepalooza was a testament to the fact that it’s possible to create a fun and educational event that appeals to a wide range of ages. The combination of music, art, and interactive activities made for an unforgettable experience that left a lasting impression on the 2,000 attendees. 

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