10 Minute ChatGPT Content Calendar

Plan a month of content in less than 10 minutes with this winning content calendar template and expertly-written AI ChatGPT prompts.

Never Struggle with Content Again

We’ve all been there—staring at a blank screen, struggling to come up with engaging content while juggling a million other tasks. Consistency feels impossible, and creativity seems out of reach.

Generate 50+ Content Briefs Quickly and Easily

That’s where the 10-Minute ChatGPT Content Calendar comes in. This tool is your new best friend, providing over a dozen robust prompts and a Google Sheets calendar template. In just 10 minutes, you can brainstorm more than 50 unique content ideas and organize them effortlessly.

About Hazel Quimpo

Hi, I’m Hazel Quimpo, your go-to AI expert and marketing creative mind in Long Beach, California. I specialize in helping small businesses and startups navigate the marketing maze with ease. By leveraging AI, I turn complex strategies into simple, effective actions. Think of me as your marketing GPS, guiding you to success with clarity and confidence.