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Fractional Director of Content Marketing – AI-Optimized

Steering Community and Content Marketing Teams to Success

Hi, I’m Hazel, your unique Fractional Marketing Director with an innovative edge. Our focus? To integrate the creative power of AI, including ChatGPT, into your team’s workflow. We’re not here to churn out typical AI content; instead, we aim to empower your team with tools like Zapier and ChatGPT. This approach automates the everyday while sparking creativity, elevating your marketing strategies to new levels of excellence.

We dive in headfirst with a 30-day sprint, setting a rock-solid foundation. From auditing to strategizing, we lay out a blueprint for success. Then, it’s about building momentum with quarterly strategy pow-wows to keep your brand on the growth trajectory.

Expect Transformation:

  • Day 1 to 30: We hit the ground running with audits and action plans, aiming for those quick wins that set you up for long-term wins.
  • Every Quarter: It’s strategy, refined. We adjust, improve, and aim higher, with me by your side, steering the ship.
  • Always Optimizing: The market waits for no one. With ongoing support, we keep your marketing agile, leveraging Zapier for workflow automation and ChatGPT for content that resonates.

Investment Deets:

  • Kickstart Month: Starts at $3,500. This isn’t just a trial run; it’s about making immediate, impactful strides with smart integrations and AI-driven strategy. No strings attached.
  • Quarterly Growth Plans: Starting at $7,000/quarter, we dig deeper, fine-tuning our approach to keep you ahead of the curve. Want to go bigger? We’ll customize a plan that fits just right.

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