Instant Content Calendar

Simplify your workflow, and watch your content strategy thrive, effortlessly. Welcome to the future of content creation for small agencies.

Meet the game-changer in client content strategy: The AI-Generated Instant Content Calendar. You’ve probably tried to use ChatGPT for some content ideas and you’ll find it runs out of good ideas pretty quickly. The Instant Content Calendar is expertly-crafted by a marketing expert with 18 years of experience all programmed into this amazing bot.

Designed for the hustling agency or the powerhouse freelancer who is looking to save time and embrace AI-workflows without sacrificing authenticity.

What’s Included

  • Intuitive Google Sheets Template: Designed for simplicity, this template streamlines your content planning process, making it accessible for you and easy to teach to your team or virtual assistant.
  • Expert-Driven AI Content Ideas: Get a week’s worth of content suggestions tailored to your agency’s needs, derived from marketing expertise and AI intelligence, ensuring relevancy and engagement.
  • Ready-Made Captions and Video Script Outlines: Eliminate the guesswork with pre-written social media captions and video script outlines that capture your brand voice and engage your target audience.
  • Structured Blog Outlines and Content Briefs: Detailed outlines and briefs provide a clear roadmap for creating blog posts that resonate with your readers, optimizing both your time and creativity.

Click, boom – a month’s worth of content planned out in a blink. No more manual calendar entries or second-guessing publication dates. This tool schedules your content with precision, ensuring a steady flow of hits without the headache.

How this Works

Train the AI

Spend about 5 minutes answering a few questions about the brand. This is so your content will be excellent quality and highly accurate.

Instant Magic

As soon as you hit 'submit,' our system gets to work crafting your unique docs.

Save time with better strategy

You'll receive a completely formatted document in your inbox in minutes.


Maximized Efficiency

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of brainstorming sessions. Our AI-Generated Content Calendar cuts down content planning time dramatically, allowing you and your team to focus on creativity and execution. This means more time for client work, strategy development, and scaling your agency.

Instant Custom Briefs

Imagine generating a client-specific content brief in minutes, not hours. This tool understands your client’s brand voice and target audience like a mind reader, providing you with a ready-to-go brief that’s spot on. Your planning phase just got a turbo boost.

Consistently High-Quality Content

Leveraging expert marketing insights and AI precision, the content suggestions, captions, and outlines you receive are not just random ideas but curated, high-quality content strategies designed to engage and convert. This ensures your content is always on point, relevant, and tailored to your audience’s interests.

Effortless Strategy Alignment

Forget the endless back-and-forth. Align your content strategy with client goals at lightning speed. Our AI sifts through the noise to match your client’s objectives with content that resonates, making “getting it right” a one-shot deal.

What people are saying about The Clever

The end result is a well-oiled and powerful marketing engine that converts.

Devin W.


Our content planning was all over the place – a real time sink. Now? We drop in a few details, and it's like the tool reads our minds, delivering spot-on content briefs that align with our brand and audience perfectly. 


Agency Owner

It's like having another member on the team who knows exactly what we need.

Sofia M.

Small Business Owner

I was skeptical at first – how could an AI tool understand the nuances of different client voices and industries? But I was blown away. The custom generator adapted to each of my clients' specific needs, saving me hours every week. 

Michelle F

Freelance Marketer

Start on third base with expertly created AI strategy​

Dive right into seeing the magic firsthand. Check out a completed content calendar example and witness how effortlessly your content planning can transform from chaos to concert.


Providing detailed information initially is crucial because it equips the AI with a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s voice, audience, and content goals. This depth of context allows the AI to produce content that’s not just relevant but deeply aligned with your brand’s essence and strategic objectives. It’s a one-time effort that sets the stage for consistently tailored, high-quality content.

Honestly, we know how game-changing this tool can be, and we want you to experience its magic, no strings attached. Think of it as your first step into a broader world of streamlined content creation. We’re confident you’ll love it so much, you’ll want to explore what more we have to offer.

We hear you. The beauty of this tool is that it handles the heavy lifting but leaves plenty of room for creativity to flourish. Think of it as setting the stage for your creativity to take the spotlight, minus the logistical headaches.

That’s precisely what it’s built for. Managing multiple clients, each with their unique brand voice and content needs, can be a juggle. This tool is like having an extra pair of hands, custom-tailoring content plans for each client with ease and efficiency.

Explore the adaptability of our AI tool in capturing and maintaining your brand’s unique voice and tone across all generated content, ensuring consistency and authenticity that resonates with your target audience.

Find out how our AI-Generated Content Calendar incorporates SEO best practices, including keyword optimization, trending topic analysis, and SERP competitiveness, to enhance your content’s visibility and search ranking.


You'll be in Good Company

Get monthly expertly-crafted done for you content packets for up to 5 clients starting at $400.

Save 10-20 hours of work PER CLIENT with The Clever’s monthly (or one-off) content packs.  Hazel Quimpo’s expert AI, automation, Zapier, and ChatGPT skills come to life in auto-generated content, outlines, and briefs that don’t sound like auto-generated crap.

Save 10-20 hours of work per month with each automation sprint!

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