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We transform complicated data into simple stories. See how your business is really doing.

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Dashboards That Tell a Tale

Forget the jargon. We lay out what’s happening in your business in terms you can understand

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Real folks, just like you, who now know their numbers inside out.

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We believe in proving our results month by month, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Our pricing is structured not just for effectiveness, but also for partnership.

Get Your Sh*t Together Workshop

Two focused 3-hour live sessions in a virtual, intimate cohort.
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Our dashboards offer real-time insights, so you’re always informed.

Absolutely. We ensure seamless integration with your current systems.


Entirely. From design to data points, it’s tailored to your needs.

They offer a clear view of what’s working and what isn’t, guiding resource allocation.

We predominantly use WordPress for website development. It offers great flexibility, is user-friendly, and is well-suited for SEO. However, we always choose the platform that aligns best with a client’s specific needs.

Every month, we provide a comprehensive SEO report detailing your site’s performance. This includes organic traffic metrics, keyword rankings, backlink analysis, and actionable insights to further enhance visibility.

The Clever Difference

Numbers Made Easy.

Here’s why people love working with The Clever.

No Confusion

We translate complex data into easy-to-grasp info.

Whole Picture View

We give you insights on all your business activities, online and off.

Ready for Tomorrow

Get hints and insights on what might be around the corner.

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