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Monthly Custom AI-Generated Content Ideas and Plan, SEO, and Social Content Calendar – Done For You

It’s Like a Content Marketing Team in a Box

Keeping up with SEO, social media, and content creation can be overwhelming. Imagine having a comprehensive plan delivered to you every month, packed with 50 fresh ideas, tweets, blog topics, and more. At The Clever, we make this a reality for just $49 per plan.

Comprehensive Monthly Plans

Get ready to dominate your market with our tailored monthly plans. Each plan includes 50 unique ideas specifically designed for your business. From engaging tweets and compelling blog topics to strategic SEO tips, we’ve got everything covered. No more scrambling for ideas—just a clear, actionable roadmap to boost your online presence.

SEO Insights and Strategies

Stay ahead of the competition with our detailed SEO insights. Our monthly plans include keyword recommendations, on-page optimization tips, and content strategies that drive organic traffic. We make SEO simple, so you can focus on growing your business.

Social Media Content

Never run out of social media content again. Our plans feature a variety of tweets, posts, and engagement strategies tailored to your audience. Keep your social channels buzzing with activity and watch your follower count grow.

High-Impact Content Ideas

Struggling to come up with blog topics or newsletter ideas? Our monthly plans include a curated list of high-impact content ideas that resonate with your audience. Engage your readers, boost your traffic, and build your brand with ease.


Monthly SEO, Social, and Content Plan – $49 per month

  • 50 Unique Ideas (tweets, blog topics, SEO tips)
  • Targeted SEO Recommendations
  • Engaging Social Media Content
  • High-Impact Content Ideas
  • Creative Briefs
  • Email Plan

How We Do It for Just $49

I know it sounds too good to be true. How can we offer such a comprehensive plan for just $49? The secret is in our deep understanding of AI and the expert formulas we’ve developed. By leveraging advanced AI tools and running our strategies through hundreds of iterations, we’ve created a system that delivers high-quality, tailored content at a fraction of the cost. This isn’t cookie-cutter content—it’s customized to fit your unique needs and drive real results.

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