Automated Email Funnel Success for a Subscription-Based Culinary Service




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When GourmetBox came to me, their challenge was clear: make their subscribers feel more connected, not just to their boxes, but to the stories behind them. They wanted their automated email funnel emails to be more than reminders; they wanted them to be experiences.

My Role:

  • Tailored Email Segmentation: I dived into their subscriber list, organizing it by preferences to ensure that each message felt like it was crafted just for the person reading it.
  • Story-Driven Content: I focused on making every email an invitation to explore, highlighting the origins of specific ingredients and offering cooking tips that resonated with the individual interests of subscribers.

One of the most rewarding moments came from a subscriber named Carlos. After receiving an email that detailed the journey of coffee beans from a small farm in Colombia to his doorstep, Carlos reached out. His message was simple but powerful: “I never knew my morning coffee had such a story. Thanks for bringing the world into my kitchen.”

This feedback was a testament to our efforts. It showed that by adding a layer of storytelling and personalization to our communications, we turned a simple subscription into a gateway to global culinary adventures. It wasn’t just about keeping subscribers; it was about making them feel part of a larger narrative, one delicious email at a time.


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