Automating Course Creation for a Wellness Coach: From Live Sessions to Online Modules




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Tools Used

Creating this streamlined process for Sophie wasn’t just about leveraging technology; it was about understanding the essence of her teaching and ensuring that essence was captured and conveyed in every course module. One of the most gratifying outcomes was witnessing Sophie’s reaction to the efficiency and potential of the system. She shared a story of how, for the first time, she was able to spontaneously generate a mini-course over a weekend, something that previously would have taken weeks. This newfound speed and flexibility not only boosted her productivity but also reignited her passion for teaching and sharing her wellness expertise.

This project showcased the transformative power of combining automation tools like Zapier with AI capabilities of ChatGPT, proving that with the right setup, the barriers to digital education can be significantly lowered. For Sophie, it meant turning her wealth of knowledge into accessible, impactful online courses, ultimately empowering more individuals on their wellness journeys.


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